Thereís much turmoil and rush today, as there has been through the ages I suppose.†


Yet, there has always been those who play with the colors found in quiet contemplation using the artistís brush or the poetís rhyme and prose, focused on the more sublime and subtler edges of lifeónot to find escape, but to secure a safer place of refuge, a place to find respite and to gain refreshment or a pause in time to face the new day coming.†


In my art I strive to evoke the quieter and softer, or more contemplative side of life through pastel and paint, through photography, computer art and word.†


I invite you to enjoy my passion with me!

Gabriel McShane lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania US

Contact:† Phone ó 717.284.0643††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† To email Gabe click here: